Natural Lawn

To ensure you choose the right natural lawn product for your lifestyle you should take into consideration:
Is the natural lawn going to be in full sun / sun & shade / full shade?
Is the natural lawn going to be exposed to light / medium or heavy traffic?
Do you have pets that will make use of the lawn?

We are happy to assist with advice on which lawn is right for you.

Instant Lawn varieties:

Santa Anna Couch

A fine textured couch.Suitable for full sun areas and is drought tolerant.Hard wearing and suitable for pets.

Male sterile Kikuyu

A less invasive version of the original Kikuyu grass. Male sterile Kikuyu does not go to seed which results in less invasive growth.Suitable for full sun areas and is drought tolerant.Very hard wearing and fast repairing.Ideal for heavy foot traffic and pets.

Windsor Green

A low maintenance semi dwarf couch.Highly drought tolerant whilst holding good colour all year round. Suitable for full sun and is drought tolerant.Fast repairing and suitable for pets.

Kings Pride

A soft leaf buffalo grass that is low maintenance and fast repairing.Kings Pride is one of the most shade tolerant varieties of turf. Suitable for sun or shaded areas.

Ask us about the newest variety of Kikuyu that is now available. This product has superior tolerance to heavy traffic and pets, is exceptionally fast repairing and drought tolerant.With a higher amount of rhizomes it is very fast establishing and through the cooler months still gives a greener tone than many other lawn varieties.

Organic Lawn Food

Organic lawn food is an organic fertiliser to give your instant lawn a kick-start during the days of its early establishment, and can continue to be used as a regular fertiliser after establishment for year round turf health, colour and growth.Organic Lawn Food comes in a 10kg bag.1kg of fertiliser covers 10m2.

Lawn Soaker

Lawn Soaker is a water holding agent for lawns. It comes in a granular formation and can be applied under new lawn or used on existing lawn. Lawn Soaker comes in a 10kg bag.1kg of Lawn Soaker covers 10m2

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